Born To Be Slim (Mango)

Formulated with extracts from 5 Primal ingredients.

Brand new formula with 5 Primal extracts: A selection of celebrated weight loss extracts – yerba, caffeine, mango, prickly pear and raspberry. Love the difference or get 100% of your money back.


– Powerful, nutritious & 100% natural ✓ Aids the utilisation of fat stores for energy Suppresses appetite Helps manage blood sugar levels.

– Natural slimming & weight loss. While there are many chemically enhanced products on the market, nothing beats losing weight naturally.

– Lose weight naturally. Raspberry Extracts work in two ways. They act as a powerful appetite suppressant and help the body burn fat.

– MADE IN THE UK (see video below). ISO 9001. GMP Certified. Primal Supplements – Designed from the outset with just your health in mind.

– DOUBLE THE GOODNESS – Each time you take a Primal Supplement, we provide an under nourished child with one for free. 


Ingredient Mg Per Serving Percentage NRV
Yerba Mate Powder (Ilex Paraguariensi) (Leaf) (from 250mg of 2:1 extract) 500
Caffeine 100
African Mango Extract (Irvingia Gabonesis) (Fruit) (from 30mg of 10:1 extract) 300
Prickly Pear Extract (Optunia Ficus Indica) (Stems) (from 21mg of 10:1 extract) 200
Raspberry Leaf Powder 20
DL Phenylalanine 20

RRP: £3.99

30 servings.

Take 1 per day.