Co-Enzyme Q10

Fast release, high absorption - Co Enzyme Q10.

Primal Co Enzyme Q10, features strong antioxidant properties for an essential role in energy production. Fast release, high absorption formula ✓ Love the difference or get 100% of your money back.


– Potent tablets contain twice the dose of other brands. Take twice daily to prolong energy requirements of the heart and skeletal muscles.

– Required by every cell in the body, C-Q10 protects cells from the effects of aging – used for treatment of heart problems for decades.

– In Japan 10% of the population are said to be talking Q10 to reduce both heart disease and high blood pressure on the advice of doctors. 

– MADE IN THE UK (see video below). ISO 9001. GMP Certified. Primal Supplements – Designed from the outset with just your health in mind.

– DOUBLE THE GOODNESS – Each time you take a Primal Supplement, we provide an under nourished child with one for free. 


Ingredient Mg Per Serving Percentage NRV
Co Enzyme Q10 200

RRP: £11.99

30 servings.

Take 2 per day.