Stop with plastic waste

Save our planet

By June 2020, we want to be using zero plastic in our packaging. Already half of our vitamins are packaged in cardboard, but even then, the blister packs contain some plastic.
Our R&D team are busy in their cave engaged in researching and developing a new range of packaging, that will preserve the freshness of  your minerals, vitamins and other health care products , but at the same time not have a negative impact on our beautiful planet.
While we wait for our new packaging, please make sure you recycle everything.
Other Uses For Pots
Once you have finished a pot, why not use it for something else. Here are a few ideas, but if you have more, please send us an email and a picture.
– Store coins
– Pencil Pot
– Paper clip pot
– Toothbrush holder
– Travel size coffee or tea pot

Please note: to remove the label, simply use warm soapy water.